Eukanuba Pro Adult Large Breed Chicken Kurczak 18Kg



Dietary fibre (FOS) and beet pulp to promote healthy digestion Natural sources of omega-6 & 3 for healthy skin and coat Calcium and glucosamine to promote healthy bones and joints Antioxidant (vitamins E and C) to promote immune system SPECIALLY DEVELOPED FORMED FOOD PILLS WITH DENTADEFENSE Tooth technology to help keep teeth clean and healthy L-carnitine to help maintain weight Eukanuba dry kibble contains very fresh chicken and is perfect for large adult dogs aged 18 months to 6 years (or 2 to 5 years for very large breeds). The tailored fibre blend of prebiotic FOS and beet pulp promotes healthy digestion. In addition, Eukanuba food pellets are beneficial for healthy skin and a shiny coat thanks to the natural omega 6 and omega 3 sources. The food also contains glucosamine and calcium to maintain healthy joints and strong bones, as well as antioxidants vitamin E and vitamin C, which help boost the dogs immune system. Plus, the unique Eukanuba hexagonal pellets and DentaDefense dental care system ensure clean, healthy teeth for the long term. The L-carnitine in Eukanuba dry dog food helps dogs reduce body fat and maintain optimal weight, which means less stress on joints. The diet is 100% complete and balanced. Advanced nutrition for large adult dogs to help promote a healthy body and lifelong well-being. Fresh chicken (18%), dried chicken and turkey (18% contains chicken 11%, natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and taurine), corn, wheat, oats, barley, durra, poultry fat, dried beet pulp (2.5%), chicken sauce, corn grits, minerals (contains sodium hexametaphosphate 0. 34%), fishmeal (natural source of omega-3 fatty acids), dried whole eggs, fructooligosaccharides (0.25%, natural dietary fibre), brewers yeast (natural source of B vitamins and selenium), glucosamine (from animal tissue) (0.04%).
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